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Temple of Bleh is a podcast - but the pretentious prick in me wants to say it's also a long form research vehicle, focusing on hard rock/metal, and the wider music industry.

The podcast has spawned a number of projects, some small, some painfully large. The details of which you can find below.

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At present, this is mostly interviews to support the History of Roadrunner Records project.


But there's the odd misc interview on there, and some catch ups with mates (these episodes are numbered, and are pretty basic - sorry lads :)).


A bold and cunning alternative to Zoom interviews.

Cryptic Offerings.jpg

Joint venture with our brothers in arms at Uber Rock - where we  discuss and recommend some new, (mostly) unsigned artists for your enjoyment and  disposable income

Ongoing documentary project on the infamous record label.

Notepad on Desk

Just as the stoics of old would've dunnit.

Metal human statue

How Fucked Is Metal?


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History of Roadrunner Records - demo reel

History of Roadrunner Records - demo reel

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