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Production Blog #1

Oi oi. Behold. Production Blog the first.

I figured that given the intermittent nature of updates on the social media side of things, a blog might be a good way to answer any questions relating to Roadrunner doc activity. Which basically means if there's not a blog or SM update for say six months, the project is probably dead.

I recently got back from NYC where some shooting took place, which I can confirm was pretty eye opening. I'd previously been shooting in the UK and Europe, which logistically, was largely carreid by the generosity and flexibility of those I've been interviewing for the project, whereas the US is a totally different ball game.

Many lessons learned, many boundaries drawn. Luckily thanks to my own giddiness, the extra contingency planning and communication meant that the trip was successful, and the project scored something like seven interviews over two and a half days. Which is pretty darn good - but could be a lot better, in my opinion.

As it stands now, the project is operating in a passive capacity on both sides of the Atlantic. What that means is there isn't the budget to go out and pro-actively traverse the globe, capturing footage. With a little bit of luck, input from various contributors will have to be filmed as and when they pass through 'interview trap areas' in the UK and the US. And even then, they'll have to be passing through when I'm not working or doing other stuff to keep the lights on. So yeah, we're in passive mode right now. Might not be what you want to hear, but you'll have to trust that it's the best way forward at this time.

Which brings me on to the release date. With every project, you want three things, you want it cheap, you want it at optimal quality, and you want it quick. When reality kicks in, you can only pick two of those three. In the History of Roadrunner Records case - I've picked cheap and quality. Sorry time, but I'm deliberately making you the lowest priority - but fuck me does this thing look good.

I've stated previously that 2023 seems to be the year this thing will come out. I think that's still the case, although as every day goes by, I'll need to be increasingly lucky to turn this whole thing around in that time frame. I'm remaining optimistic and targeting next year until I have a solid reason not to do so. A minimum viable product has been drawn, and a measure of that product has been filmed, along with some extra stuff - so things are looking pretty strong right now.

Meanwhile, the podcast continues to plod along, acting as an open research platform for predominantly former Roadrunner personnel. In terms of total recorded material on the history of Roadrunner, both published on the podcast, and off-the-record, I'm looking at 150 hours of conversations. That's gnarly.

Ok, signing off. Below is an image of myself and Steev Riccardo, who opened Roadrunner's US office along with Holly Lane back in 1986. We're wetting our whistles at St Vitus in Brooklyn before heading out to meet the Mon Olympus Roadrunner gang in Manhattan.

He's got his own podcast called Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico. I've been bothering Steev for the past two years about the eight months he spent at Roadrunner, and I'm glad to say that he's coming back on the podcast in the next couple of weeks so I can start asking about the rest of his storied and successful career in music.


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